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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

The task of finding the right Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills may seem overwhelming as there are so many Plastic Surgeons to choose from within a 5-mile radius.  While search engines, social media ads, online reviews and referrals may help you in your search, one must be careful with misleading advertising and marketing strategies that may not necessarily correlate with the skills of the surgeon.  Being well informed however is best way to avoid these pitfalls and guide you in making the right direction.  Below are some important questions to ask when considering a Plastic Surgeon.


  • Is the Surgeon Board Eligible or Board Certified in Plastic Surgery?

A Board Eligible or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is one that is eligible to take or has passed the board examinations set by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  The surgeon is required to complete a residency or fellowship program in Plastic Surgery to be eligible for this board.  These residency and fellowship positions are extremely competitive, and training rigorous to ensure that all of the ethical and surgical principles of Plastic Surgery are met.  The American Board of Plastic Surgery requires high levels of educational and medical training for approval, as well as ensures lifelong learning of physicians to maintain their board certification.


  • What is the Surgeon’s Level of Experience and Comfort with the Procedure that you are Requesting?


It is always wise to ask the surgeon what is their level of expertise with a certain procedure.  To gather this information one could ask how many times or how often does the surgeon perform this procedure in addition to requesting to see before and after photos.  Viewing the surgeons before and after photos also aids you in knowing if you and your prospective surgeon are in alignment with respect to desired outcomes.  Everyone has a different sense of beauty and what they may find as aesthetically pleasing, therefore you should determine if this perspective is similar between you and your prospective surgeon.


  • Where does the surgeon perform their surgeries and where do they hold hospital privileges?


It is recommended that Plastic Surgeons whom perform surgeries at outpatient surgical centers, that these centers are accredited by AAAASF or AAAHC.  These centers must be in compliance with rigorous standards set by the state and federal government to maintain their accreditation and are audited on a regular basis.  In addition, any plastic surgeon that operates at these surgical centers are required to hold hospital privileges at a nearby hospital.  Hospitals conduct strict background checks and have educational requirements for the surgeons to maintain their privileges.


  • Are you Comfortable with the Clinic Atmosphere?


When you visit the surgeon’s office, do you feel comfortable in the clinic atmosphere?  Is there a good rapport with the doctor and their clinic staff?  Are you comfortable with the office manager and do not feel pressured to make a decision or commit right away?  Do you feel like the doctor has your best interest in mind, otherwise known as “good bedside manner” ?  Also is the surgeon setting realistic expectations and providing you with the best recommendations, even if this is recommending another plastic surgeon with a higher level of expertise in the particular area that you are requesting.


While the task of finding the right Plastic Surgeon may seem daunting, overall you must feel comfortable and trust your surgeon.  You may need to schedule consultations with many different surgeons before you find the right one therefore most importantly take your time!  This process should be enjoyable and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, re-evaluate if it is the right time for you or if you have found the right surgeon!