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Breast Lift With Implants in Beverly Hills With Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis

Weight fluctuations and the after effects of breastfeeding can leave breasts with a saggy, deflated appearance. Sometimes implants alone will not help you attain the figure you desire, so a breast lift with implants can simultaneously lift and augment your breasts.

Combining a breast augmentation with a lift addresses the stigma of heavy, pendulous breasts. By using her unmatched skill and knowledge, Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis strives to give her patients the figures they desire.

Restore balanced breasts with a breast lift and augmentation in Beverly Hills. Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis at (310) 614-5898 or complete our online form today. We are in Beverly Hills, CA, and proudly serve the greater Los Angeles area.

What Is Breast Lift With Implants Surgery – Beverly Hills?

A breast lift is a common plastic surgery procedure to resolve many issues affecting the breasts, redefining their look and enhancing their profile. Different techniques are available to remove excess breast skin and to restructure the breast shape, moving the nipple and areola to a higher position. Depending on the breast anatomy, Dr. Davis can place the incision around the nipple-areolar complex in a lollipop or an anchor configuration.

Breast lifts can address:

  • Sagging or uneven breasts
  • Decreased volume
  • Stretched or drooping areolas
  • Nipple and areola location
  • Extra skin

By including breast implants with a lift, the surgery can restore or increase breast size. Implant options include:

  • Saline-filled breast implants
  • Silicone gel-filled breast implants

During your consultation, Dr. Davis will determine the most suitable breast lift and implant options based on your anatomy and overall preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Lift With Implants Surgery?

A breast lift with implants can enhance your figure in ways that diet, exercise, and other procedures cannot. This surgery can restore your breasts’ youthful appearance safely and effectively to help you reclaim your feminine curves.

With long-lasting results, a breast lift with implants can enhance your appearance with:

  • Added volume and curves
  • More symmetrical breasts
  • Overall tone and shape

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Board certified Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis’ mission is to create natural-looking results by combining the scientific principles of aging with expert surgical techniques. Dr. Davis’s specialties include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and numerous other surgical and non-surgical procedures. Above all, Dr. Davis values her patients’ well-being and always strives to provide the best results safely and efficiently. Visit Dr. Davis in her Beverly Hills office for a friendly and informative consultation.

"Youthfulness is not about your age, it’s always experiencing life in a new and optimistic light"

-Gabrielle B. Davis, MD

Why Choose Dr. Davis as My Breast Lift With Implants Provider?

Dr. Davis has undergone extensive training and education in all aspects of breast surgeries. As a female plastic surgeon and mother, Dr. Davis understands and relates to the challenges many of her patients experience of trying to maintain a healthy balance of family life with a demanding career.

For Dr. Davis, patient commitment is about offering quality information, time, and care during every appointment. Her dedication to outstanding patient results and care makes her your best choice for breast lift with implants in Beverly Hills.

Ideal Candidate for Breast Lift With Implants in Los Angeles

Typically, patients in reasonably good mental and physical health who are concerned about sagging or deflated breasts may be good candidates. However, you are not a suitable candidate for this procedure if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Dr. Davis recommends that candidates for breast lift with implants in Beverly Hills should:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Be nonsmokers
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Be mentally prepared for surgery
  • Understand the risks of a surgical procedure
  • Be able to communicate what they want

Breast implants require monitoring and might eventually need replacing. Be sure to address any concerns with Dr. Davis during your consultation.

Natural, Sophisticated Results

Gabrielle B. Davis, MD Plastic Surgery is a premier destination for aesthetic and reconstructive procedures in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. She places emphasis on creating a natural-appearing result and not changing what makes you unique.

Your Breast Lift With Implants Consultation With Dr. Davis

  • Current breast size and shape
  • Desired breast size and shape
  • Quality of breast tissue and skin
  • Breast implant type and shape
  • Allergies or medical conditions
  • Previous surgeries or medical treatments
  • Current medications
  • Current mammogram results
  • Family history of breast cancer

Before determining your procedural plan, Dr. Davis will examine and evaluate many aspects of your breasts, including:

For Dr. Davis, patient dedication means creating a friendly environment where patients will feel heard, valued, and never pressured to make decisions. Dr. Davis books new consultations for at least one hour to ensure patients have adequate time to ask questions and fully understand their chosen procedure’s scope before leaving the clinic.

What Can I Expect During a Breast Lift With Implants Procedure?

Dr. Davis’ expertise and dedication allow her to personalize each procedure to match patients’ preferences. While each procedure will have varying details, here’s an outline of some general steps you can expect.

Our peri-operative team will welcome you on the day of your surgery. Dr. Davis will evaluate you, perform surgical markings, and ensure you feel comfortable before your procedure. You will receive general anesthesia before Dr. Davis begins operating, as determined during your consultation.

First, Dr. Davis will create small incisions in either the lower breast crease or in the underarm area for her to place the breast implant with the no-touch technique. She then performs the breast lift procedure to remove excess skin and lift the nipple’s position. The procedure usually takes four hours.

Immediately following surgery, Dr. Davis will wrap your breasts with a soft bandage, which you’ll wear for the next three days. After Day Three, we’ll fit you with a surgical support bra or sports bra you should wear for three to four weeks. You will see Dr. Davis for regular follow-up appointments for at least a year.

A Younger-Looking Figure Awaits You!

Reclaim your youthful figure and boost your confidence with a breast lift with implants! You will love your long-lasting results from one of the best breast lift surgeons in Beverly Hills!

Restore your figure with the best breast lift with implants surgery in Los Angeles! Contact Gabrielle B. Davis MD Plastic Surgery at (310) 614-5898 or complete our online form to schedule your consultation today.

Breast Lift With Implant Procedure FAQs

Because each patient’s needs are different, breast lift with implant procedures are highly customizable. Your price tag will vary based on your procedural plan. During your consultation, Dr. Davis will provide an estimate for your breast augmentation cost in Beverly Hills.

During your breast surgery, you will be under anesthesia to ensure you feel no pain. You will have prescription pain medication to alleviate discomfort in the following weeks. Be sure to address your pain concerns with Dr. Davis before surgery.

You will see results immediately following your breast lift with implant procedure. However, you may also experience swelling that disguises your results for a few weeks. Other side effects may also include bruising at the procedure site. Your results will continue to improve as your body heals over the next few months.

With your continued healthy lifestyle, you will experience long-lasting results from your Beverly Hills breast lift with implants.

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