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Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills with Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis

Breast reconstruction following cancer is a very personal choice. Almost all breast cancer survivors interested in breast reconstruction surgery are good candidates. Whether immediate or delayed, breast reconstruction can greatly improve a woman’s sense of self and well-being. 

If you are considering breast reconstruction, you most likely have questions about what type of reconstruction techniques are best for you. With her expertise and compassion, Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis is a Beverly Hills breast reconstruction surgeon who aims to make the process less confusing for all her patients.

To learn more about the options for rebuilding breasts after mastectomy, contact Gabrielle B. Davis, MD Plastic Surgery at (310) 614-5898 or complete our online form to schedule your consultation today.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast Reconstruction refers to any procedure aimed at recreating the breast mound or improving contour for defects after a mastectomy or lumpectomy for cancer treatment, trauma, or other congenital disorders. This also includes procedures on the contralateral breast to improve symmetry with the reconstructed breast, such as a breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or fat grafting.

Recreation of the breast mound can be achieved by placing a tissue expander/ implant or by utilizing the patient’s natural tissue. Using the patient’s natural tissue is also referred to as autologous reconstruction and includes rotational and free flaps. 

Reconstruction can be performed at the same time as cancer treatment or delayed. During consultations, Dr. Davis discusses the options for breast reconstruction to help patients determine the most appropriate breast procedure and timing based on their reconstructive goals and anatomy.

Dr. Davis offers different surgical modalities to treat pathology of the nipple, including correction of inverted nipples to reconstruction after trauma or cancer treatment. As an integral part of breast reconstruction, nipple reconstruction has been shown to improve overall patient satisfaction. 

Nipple reconstruction aims to recreate projection and improve symmetry. After reconstruction, nipple tattooing can be used to correct pigmentation.

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Board certified Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis’ mission is to create natural-looking results by combining the scientific principles of aging with expert surgical techniques. Dr. Davis’s specialties include rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and numerous other surgical and non-surgical procedures. Above all, Dr. Davis values her patients’ well-being and always strives to provide the best results safely and efficiently. Visit Dr. Davis in her Beverly Hills office for a friendly and informative consultation.

"Youthfulness is not about your age, it’s always experiencing life in a new and optimistic light"

-Gabrielle B. Davis, MD

Benefits of a Breast Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Safe, effective breast cancer reconstruction surgery with Dr. Davis can help patients reclaim their sense of well-being  by rebuilding breasts after mastectomy by returning a sense of normalcy.

Following breast reconstruction, patients can expect: 

  • Restored silhouette
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved self-image and self-confidence
  • Long-lasting results

Breast Reconstruction Options in Los Angeles

During your consultation, Dr. Davis will complete an examination and ask questions to determine which option would work best for your body and situation.

Generally, breast reconstruction can be separated into two categories: 

  • Implant-based reconstruction
  • Autologous reconstruction

Implant reconstruction relies on saline-filled or silicone-filled breast implants to form a new breast mound. In autologous reconstruction, the breast mound is formed by using the patient’s own tissue from another part of the body, usually the abdomen, legs, back, or buttocks.

Factors Dr. Davis will consider when helping determine the option best for each unique situation are:

  • Type of mastectomy
  • Cancer treatments
  • Patient’s body type
  • Availability of donor tissue

Am I a Candidate for Beverly Hills Breast Reconstruction?

In general, candidates for breast reconstruction in Los Angeles are women who are in good mental and physical health and are looking to permanently regain breast shape. 

Typically, all breast reconstruction candidates should:

  • Be non-smokers
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Understand the risks of a surgical procedure
  • Be able to cope with diagnosis and treatment
  • Have a positive outlook and realistic goals for restoring breast and body image

Why Should I Choose Dr. Davis As My Breast Reconstruction Surgeon?

Due to the sensitive nature of breast reconstruction, it’s natural to experience anxiety and stress. As a woman and mother, Dr. Davis brings a unique compassion and understanding to her patients about their issues and concerns surrounding breast reconstruction procedures. 

For Dr. Davis, patient commitment is about offering quality information and care during your consultation and every appointment thereafter. Her commitment to her patients makes her your choice as one of the best reconstructive breast surgeons in Beverly Hills.

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What Happens During Breast Reconstruction in Beverly Hills?

Dr. Davis’s expertise allows her to customize procedures to address each patient’s breast reconstruction needs. While each breast reconstruction procedure will have unique details, there are some general steps you can expect during the procedure:

You will be greeted by the peri-operative team and check in. Dr. Davis will evaluate you, make her surgical markings, and ensure you are relaxed and comfortable. Once you are safely sedated, Dr. Davis will begin your breast reconstruction procedure as determined during your consultation. 

For implant-based reconstructions, tissue expanders may be required as the initial step of reconstruction.  These tissue expanders are expanded weekly in clinic until the desired breast size is achieved.  The tissue expanders are typically removed after 3 months and permanent implants are placed.  Some patients are candidates for direct to implant reconstruction, in which the permanent implant is placed at the same stage of the mastectomy.  Dr. Davis will determine which procedure will lead to the best outcome for you.

For flap autologous reconstruction, tissues will be harvested from the abdomen, legs, back or buttocks in the form of a rotational or free flap. These tissues will be used to recreate the breast mound. 

The duration of the surgery will be based on your specific procedural plan.

Aftercare for breast reconstruction will be dependent on the type of reconstruction you select. However for all types, you will need regular follow-up appointments with Dr. Davis for at least 1 year.

Nipple reconstruction can be performed under local anesthesia. Small incisions or skin flaps are designed depending on the existing anatomy  of the breast. The procedure lasts approximately 1 hour. Soft dressings will be applied to the nipples.

Five days following the procedure, the dressings are removed, and a sports bra can be worn. Dr. Davis recommends avoiding pressure to the nipple for at least 4 weeks following surgery to maximize the amount of projection.

Ready to Learn More about Breast Reconstruction?

Regain your sense of well-being with one of the best reconstructive breast surgeons in Beverly Hills. Contact Gabrielle B. Davis, MD Plastic Surgery at (310) 614-5898, or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation today.

Breast Reconstruction FAQs

You will see results immediately following your breast reconstruction procedure. However, you may also experience swelling that disguises your true results for several weeks. As your body continues to heal over the next few months, your results will improve.

Breast reconstruction results are uniquely individual. Reconstructed breasts may not have the same sensation or feelings as natural breasts. 

As with any procedure, it is important to follow Dr. Davis’ instructions regarding physical activities to ensure optimal results.

Due to the unique nature of breast reconstruction, the cost is determined by your procedural plan.  Most breast reconstruction procedures are covered by insurance.

During your breast cancer reconstruction surgery, you will be given anesthetics, so you should not feel discomfort. You will be prescribed pain medication to take following your procedure. Be sure to address your pain concerns with Dr. Davis during your consultation.

During your consultation, Dr. Davis will explain the different procedures and help determine which type of reconstructions will be appropriate.