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Five Factors of Breast Augmentation

If you are looking to enhance the shape and size of your breasts, turning to breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills, California, can help you achieve these goals. But if you have little to no knowledge about going through this surgery, you may want to know about the details of the procedure first.

Besides helping you acquaint yourself with breast augmentation tips, this also allows you to set realistic expectations for the surgery. From learning how to pick a breast size to becoming aware of available materials, this research also prepares you for essential aspects of the procedure.

Through the extensive experience of Beverly Hills breast surgery specialist Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis, you can learn more about the 5 factors of breast augmentation that help you attain your ideal figure.

1. Type

Since breast augmentation involves the use of breast implants, choosing the type of implant you want is one of the first decision-making factors of breast augmentation surgery.

There are two types of breast implants that help you enhance the look of your breasts.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are manufactured with the use of a silicone gel that gives them a firm yet cushioned feel. This material emulates the feeling of human fat or natural breast tissue. It also makes them a more sought-after solution and makes them pop up across many breast augmentation tips. Silicone implants are a little bit more expensive than saline implants.

Saline Implants

Saline implants have an outer silicone shell and are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. These implants are bouncier to the touch. They are filled with a saltwater solution by your surgeon after they are placed within your breast tissue, which makes it easier for your surgeon to give your breasts the desired shape through these implants. 

2. Size

Learning how to pick a breast size is a highly perplexing yet foundational requirement of breast augmentation surgery. The sizes of these implants typically range between 200cc to 600cc. While your surgeon may recommend a more appealing size for your figure, the final choice depends upon you and your goals.

3. Shape

The shape of your breast implant is just as important as its size. Many women choose a round shape, which projects an appealing silhouette under the breast tissue. Others may select a contoured option with an elongated shape with more volume at the lower end of the implant.

With their ability to retain a similar shape even if turned within the breast tissue, round breast implants are more popular and make their presence known across breast augmentation tips. But according to your figure, you may find anatomical implants to be more appealing. For a suitable approach, you can discuss these factors with your surgeon.

4. Surface

This refers to the texture of your implant. Plastic surgeons once offered breast implants with both smooth and “textured” surfaces; however, certain textured implants were recalled when the FDA linked them to a rare cancer called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL. For this reason, we only offer smooth implants.

5. Surgical Incision

Surgical incisions are yet another factor that cause concern to the recipients of breast augmentation surgery. While silicone implants require a bigger incision, saline implants use a smaller incision due to their filling being performed during the surgery itself. The types of incisions and where they are made on your breasts also impact factors such as scarring and aftercare.

However, an expert surgeon can cut down risks of recovery. This helps you get back to your full capacity after the outlined period of rest and recovery. But in order to choose the right approach, it is important for you to discuss these factors through a personalized consultation with your surgeon. This helps them explain what incisions they are going to make and how they will deliver your desired results.

Discuss Your Breast Augmentation Tips with Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis in Beverly Hills, CA

Since most of the decision-making factors for breast augmentation depend upon your consultation with a surgeon, Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis ensures to provide you with personalized advice after a detailed discussion. Through her specialized qualifications, experience, and skillset, Dr. Davis can help you attain the figure of your dreams.

To discuss your options or seek answers to more questions, contact us to schedule your personalized consultation today.