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5 Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction Surgery

Large breasts can be burdensome and cause many physical and emotional challenges, leading many women to search for a permanent solution. Breast reduction surgery effectively creates more proportionately sized breasts.

This procedure can take the weight off your chest and rejuvenate your figure with help from one of Beverly Hills’ best breast reduction surgery surgeons, Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis.

1. Reduce Chronic Pain

Large breasts place an excessive amount of weight on the chest and upper abdomen, which requires support from your core muscles. If your core is not strong enough, the upper back must compensate, causing back or neck pain. Breast reduction surgery offers effective relief from pain and discomfort caused by large breasts and can increase mobility.

2. Restore Your Active Lifestyle

Heavy, oversized breasts can create a challenge when it comes to exercise or other physical activities. Well-endowed women may avoid high-impact activities like plyometrics and running. When no longer hindered by large breasts, many women feel like they have a burst of energy and can participate in more physical activities.

3. Reclaim Confidence and Self-Esteem

Emotional issues associated with large breasts are just as crucial as physical ailments. Large breasts can contribute to poor self-image and emotional distress due to negative stigmas or unwelcome attention. Many women who are self-conscious about their large breasts often slouch to hide their chest, affecting posture. When breasts are more proportional to the rest of your body, you may feel more confident and have a renewed self-image.

4. Improved Posture and Easier Breathing

Heavy breasts can cause strain that makes it challenging to maintain correct posture. Poor posture can contribute to spinal issues. Breast reductions can help patients breathe easier and stand tall.

5. More Clothing Options

When your breasts are larger than the rest of your body, finding clothing options that fit properly is quite challenging. Following your breast reduction surgery in Beverly Hills, you may find well-fitting clothing more easily and experience the pleasure of looking better in your clothes.

Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

Your first step in determining whether breast reduction surgery is right for you is talking with Dr. Davis. If you have experienced the following breast-related issues, you might consider a consultation with Dr. Davis:

  • Feeling that your breasts are too large
  • Hindered physical activity
  • Chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain
  • Deep shoulder indentations or chafing caused by your bra
  • Skin irritation beneath the breasts
  • Dissatisfaction with breast size

Choosing Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis for Your Breast Reduction Surgery

Patient commitment means compassion and quality care to Dr. Gabrielle B. Davis. As a busy mother and plastic surgeon, Dr. Davis understands and relates to her patients’ challenges. With extensive training and unsurpassed education, Dr. Davis’ dedication to outstanding patient care and exceptional results makes her your best choice for breast reduction surgery in Beverly Hills.

Get ready to partner with Beverly Hills’ leading female plastic surgeon! Contact us today to learn more!